Population: Paradigm Shifters


                       7.4 billion that is the total number of people living on earth as of the latest survey.(www.worldometers.info/world-population/) We are at the tipping point with regards to resources per person.Anything more than the current statistics would cause economical and ecological disaster.Look at it like this, Our ancestors, the first modern man showed up on earth more than 200,000 years ago in order for our species to survive we must multiply .Indeed, we have multiplied successfully that by 1850 we have reached the first billion mark and by 1927 we have reached yet again the second billion mark. So in the current trend we would have one billion in every 12 years. Because of technology for food production and medicine we have grown exponentially. Growing exponentially means to grow or increase in size or in numbers in a constantly growing rate.To put it simply,Imagine a pond with one lily at the first second of a minute,the next second there are two then in the 3rd second there are 4. If the pond was full of lilies at the 60 second mark or in a one minute mark, In what point or second was the pond half-full?? Yes it is in the 59th second. Consider the lilies are humans and the pond as  food or other resources necessary to provide subsistence for humans. In the 59th second we thought we still have an ample resources  for everybody but unapparently we are at the brink of a disaster. Sure enough we could pump up funds to create scientific community to provide more food ,but this would not come without cost to our environment.So that is what exponential growth looks like.As the population explodes ,our limited resources also decrease which directly affects us humans.

Our biosphere is fixed and finite.It cannot grow.We have to learn how to live in our finite world instead of manipulating our environment for the benefits of the people.We have to stop overpopulating and over consuming.We have to integrate our youth ,we have to educate every family and most especially to empower women.For a woman who is empowered will have control over her body and take precautions not to jeopardize it ,she will look after the welfare of herself and her family.For if we continue to manipulate and use our environment to its detriment then the ideals that we enjoy today: democracy,human dignity,convenience and decency will not just decrease but will fade away.

We have reached the planet’s carrying capacity.The old adage that a big family is a happy family and a single child is a lonely child no longer holds water.To multiply in order to survive is truism in the past but the opposite holds truth as of today.We are the starter of this process,We are the catalyst of change . Here we begin the revolution ! The reevaluation of values. PARADIGM SHIFT NOW!


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